Saturday 9 February 2013

Communication we know now, is not the communication we remember.

Communication has changed over the years. We used to talk to each other if we were in the same room. We are now addicted to the internet through our precious mobile devices, whether it be a tablet or smartphone thus not even really noticing the company that we choose to keep.

The way that tv content is delivered has changed a little with the introduction of on demand content, and the way we can easily pause, rewind and record live tv with the touch of a button.

So bring the family back together and enjoy the same experience, in the same room from the same screen. You can also talk to each other before, during and after some lush TV goodness!

So, before you put your facebook-twitters on full throttle for the evening, head on over to and check out the freetime tab for a complete up to date digital TV viewing solution that could help preserve civilisation as we know it.

Now then, I need to share this on the internet...

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