Thursday 8 September 2016

Data Cabling at Red Cherry Recruitment

I was called out to a new business located in Bridge Street, Ashford. The business is called 'Red Cherry Recruitment'.

Jon contacted Ashford Vision in regards to his office's data cabling - half of it was not working!
With enough on his plate already with the starting up of his business, the data cabling issue was the last thing that he needed to deal with.

Upon arrival, it became apparent that some of the cabling had suffered some damage. Also, there were issues with the patch panel that was in position. Within 2 hours, all was fixed and Jon was left safe in the knowledge that he was all ready to go.

Red Cherry Recruitment provide a bespoke recruitment service in the commercial, industrial and catering sectors.
Jon and his team can be contacted on 01233 229430 | .

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