Thursday 28 July 2022

I now plug my home phone into my router???

 The way that Virgin Media landline customers plug in their home phones is changing.

For quite some time, new customers have not had telephone sockets installed when opting for a landline. Virgin Media have been using routers connected to their fibre network to supply a phone line at people's homes.

Virgin Media's 21st Century Voice / 21CV

Now for long existing customers, the time has come where you have received an adapter to plug into your modem. For most people this does not cause a problem. But what if you are using a hardwired telephone extension socket also? After the first 12 months from install, these become the customers responsibility.

Don't worry, you are not on your own with this!

A Telco Service Call from Ashford Vision starts at just £60, and that gives you up to the 1st hour of time. Generally, this would be enough time to get you up and running from all sockets.

You can contact us with any questions using the details below.

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