Sunday 14 July 2013

BT Openreach struggle with the removal of a business telephone system.

A property owner who used to run a business from their home had issues with what had become a faulty redundant Samsung DCS-816 telephone system.
He no longer had the requirement for an operational system, but did need a working residential phone line with extensions.

After his phone line went dead through his telephone system, he called BT to come and bypass it so he could remove it from his property and be left with a standard working line. He had numerous engineers attend over a period of a couple of weeks and not one could do this, 2 engineers spent all day there!

Getting frustrated, the customer called Ashford Vision to come and have a look, and gave me the full run down on the phone prior to my arrival.
4 hours in and the faulty system was out and the wiring was reconfigured to run a newly positioned master socket and 2 extensions.

Ashford Vision: 1
BT Openreach: 0

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