Wednesday 24 July 2013

Summer storms over Kent cause some problems, including the loss of a Life Line service.

Most of Kent probably experienced some stormy activity on Tuesday night. It kept me awake, and the rain was immense!

Sometimes there are people who then experience dead equipment the next day, and Wednesday had no shortage of calls.
Most of the calls were regarding the total loss of TV reception where equipment needed to be replaced in order to restore full service.

There was one call however that I felt took priority over the rest and that was one that came in from Hothfield. It was a guy who's wife had a Life-Line system installed, it is needed if she runs in to any difficulties in and around their home. She presses a button either on a main unit, or on a pendant and it puts her through to someone directly who can asses the situation and arrange for medical assistance if needed.

The storm had stopped this from working, and I was called to attend. It turned out that the master socket within the property had taken the full brunt of a surge, and had given up. After replacing this and testing the other sockets in the house, I went on and performed a Life-Line test call. Everything was left working 100%, and I left them both feeling very happy that it was all back to normal. They are now safe in the knowledge once again that if needed, there would be a rapid medical response at the press of a button.

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