Saturday 31 August 2013

Large residential installation comprising of Sky+ HD, Tooway Broadband and a Wireless Network

Just completed a very large residential installation that comprised of re-installing and adding to the sky set-up, giving them a larger bandwidth, and spreading their wireless connection around a very large house.

The sky cables were originally buried directly in to the ground to get to various points around the home, without any protective conduit/copex. Needless to say, the cables had deteriorated (over 6 years) to a state of ill repair.
When putting the new cables down (over 400 meters in all), I used direct to bury RG6, and a protective conduit to help it's longevity.
When the cables were down and we had good signal, it was time to add 2 new Sky+ HD boxes.

The family's internet situation was something to be desired, with mum and dad wanting to be able to work, and the kids wanting to go on-line with their games consoles. The most that they could get from BT in their rural location was barely 1mb. This just didn't suit their requirements, and arguments were had!
Tooway Satellite Broadband (this installation showed 20.28 Mbps upon test) was installed to take the strain of video streaming, downloads, anytime+ and general browsing, whilst the BT is now used for gaming (due to the lower ping).
The Wi-Fi also needed to be extended as the BT Wi-Fi only covered 2 rooms at best, and now we had a second connection to deal with. Access points were installed throughout the house and outhouse/bar/swimming pool to allow the users to roam freely without the worry of losing connection on their devices.

All in all, yes it was a LOT of work, but I am glad that Ashford Vision could carry it through to completion, and hopefully there will be less arguments at the customer's home!

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