Monday 4 November 2013

Wind damaged TV aerials and satellite dishes.

The recent winds have not only blown fences away, but has also blown down TV aerials and shifted satellite dishes out of alignment.
I have now caught up with all of the calls that I have received to get TV pictures up and running again.

Most of the issues were poorly installed and old corroded parts like brackets or masts. Couple these with the high winds and it is a recipe for TV signal loss.

If you still have an aerial laying on the roof, pointing to the sky, or a satellite system that is blocking and freezing since the extra windy conditions, please don't hesitate to contact me here at Ashford Vision. We can even repair and realign your sky dish at nearly half the price of an out of contract Sky callout charge.

Remember, even if you are not using your TV aerial and it is laying on the roof, it could still be a health and safety issue - you don't want it to come down and hit anybody on the head!

Simon Penfold
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