Thursday 7 August 2014

4G / LTE interference at 800 MHz

Sometimes if you are having TV reception problems, it may be down to 4G / LTE interference.

"4G as in mobile data?" I hear you ask. Well you are right.

The old analogue channels 1-4 were terminated (digital switchover) to allow 4G / LTE to expand throughout the UK. Whilst 4G / LTE is great for your mobile devices, those frequencies are very close to those that carry our Freeview channels. In some cases if there is a 4G / LTE mast between your TV aerial and the transmitter that you receive your channels from, it can result in a blocking picture and screeching/clicking sound.

Even though 4G / LTE has been around for a while, there are masts popping up every week which could then be the start of your TV viewing nightmare.
Please remember that 4G / LTE can only interfere with TV channels that you receive through a TV aerial (DVB-T & DVB-T2), and not a satellite dish (DVB-S & DVB-S2).

Here is a picture of 4G / LTE interference present at 800mhz:

And here is one with 4G / LTE being kept away from 800mhz and below:

With the 4G / LTE interference under control, normal TV viewing can once again be possible.

Ashford Vision install TV aerials and distribution units that shield your digital TV frequencies from interference. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that from the start, you won't be haunted by 4G / LTE whilst trying to watch Eastenders!

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